reinventing filament

Hybrid Filament

Multi Material Filament for 3D-printing


One aspect overlooked for many years; the structure of the Filament.

Innovation impacts almost all aspects in Additive Manufacturing. One item was left untouched since Additive Manufacturing started. It is time to reinvent The Filament.

This is about having different materials in a single strand add value at the 3D-printed object. The Filament is a hybrid.

Material Orientation

The materials are longitudinally separated. Only when printing they are mixed based on the orientation.
The effect can be seen in printed objects. You fully understand it when you hold the objects in your hands.

Key: longitudinally separated, orientation on depositioning.

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Current portfolio included PLA, PET and SATIN-mixes in various colors and diameters.

The fatest way to understand the Hybrid Filament is to order a sample. You will discover the effect. There is no need for multi-nozzle printers or special thermal specifications – if it prints the base material it will print Hybrid Filament.

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